SmellRid™ Reusable Carbon Smell Absorbent Pouches

SmellRid™ Reusable Carbon Smell Absorbent Pouches

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  • Eradicate all odor & moisture – perfect for small spaces & items
  • Simple to use – just tuck in small space or package with products
  • Reusable & long-lasting - reactivate in sun and reuse for years
  • Compact, lightweight & portable – 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • All-natural - made from sustainable moso bamboo carbon
  • People, planet & pet-safe - chemical, fragrance & toxin free
  • Eco-Friendly – reusable, recyclable & reliable
  • Available in 2 sizes - for deodorizing small spaces up to 45 sq. ft.
  • Applications - drawers, cabinets, shoes, purses, helmets & more!
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Say Bye to Severe Smell in Small Spaces

Nasty smells are definitely almost always annoying unless you are a skunk! Unfortunately, it’s impossible to totally escape malodors, especially in small confined spaces like drawers, storage containers, pet cages, cabinets, and even your shoes and gloves. Now you have a smart solution available that will help get rid of the worst smells in an all-natural manner.

Our SmellRid™ Reusable Carbon Smell Absorbent Pouch is a highly effective natural deodorizer that works 24/7 by absorbing and eliminating odor causing molecules from the smallest of spaces and items without artificially masking the smell with fragrances. SmellRid™ controls foul odors as well as moisture using activated charcoal, a safe and non-toxic material derived from sustainable moso bamboo.

To use, just place one or more small or large SmellRid™ pouches in the problem area to eliminate the odor completely and quickly. The pouches are totally portable and do not need power to work. As an added huge benefit, the SmellRid™ pouches can be reactivated monthly by simply exposing to direct sunlight for a day and they are ready for reuse!

High performance SmellRid™ does not emit any harmful chemicals but rather absorbs any air-borne odors, pollutants, and moisture, thus becoming your trustable eco-safe, people-safe, and planet-safe deodorizer that works for years.

How to Use SmellRid™ for Odor & Moisture Absorption in Smaller Spaces & Packaging

What Odors does SmellRid™ Target?

SmellRid™ Reusable Carbon Smell Absorbent Pouch target a wide variety of foul odors in the smallest of spaces that you believed were doomed to be stinky or damp - forever!

Our 100% natural deodorizer is effective in cleverly targeting an array of organic, inorganic, and chemical odors that might have originated from decay, dampness, sweat, chemicals, vomit, food, mold, mildew, urine, bacteria, and other sources. SmellRid™ absorbs and drives out odor molecules at the source without artificially masking the smell.


Suitable for both residential and commercial applications, SmellRid™ Reusable Carbon Smell Absorbent Pouches are available in two different sizes so that you can choose the one that matches your need.

Small SmellRid™ Pouches (2.5" x 3")

Each small pouch is capable of treating up to 20 sq. ft. of area and is hence suitable for deodorizing:

  • Small drawers, cabinets & storage containers
  • Purses, toiletry & cosmetic bags plus attaché cases
  • Sports helmets & gear for football, hockey, boxing etc.
  • Shoes, socks, boots, sandals, and other footwear
  • Small pet cages for birds, hamsters, rabbits, reptiles
  • Ammonia filters for aquariums & fish tanks
  • Craft supply boxes – paint & glue gun storage

Large SmellRid™ Pouches (3" x 7")

A single large pouch can effectively treat areas up to 45 sq. ft. and is suitable for bigger spaces like:

  • Clothing drawers, shoe boxes/racks
  • Under sinks, kitchen cabinets & drawers
  • Lunch boxes, coolers, small fridge
  • Diaper travel bags, toiletries satchels
  • Back packs, suit cases, & garment bags
  • Small pet carriers & dry pet food containers
  • Safe, gun racks & storage containers
  • Car, boat, trailer & RV storage cubbies
  • Cost-effective replacement filters in air purifiers & aquariums.

For bigger areas or those with severe odors, you can always use additional SmellRid™ pouches or the X-large size for faster results. More is always better!

How to Use?

Simply tuck a SmellRid™ Reusable Carbon Smell Absorbent Pouch in problem areas like drawers or shoes and smell the difference. These activated charcoal pouches need no power and are barely noticeable when stashed in little smelly spots that require deodorization.

SmellRid™ will begin absorbing odors and moisture instantly. SmellRid™ pouches never stop working and can be reactivated in sunlight to ensure years of effective treatment.

After the malodour is eliminated, the SmellRid™ pouches can be simply stored away in a zip-top bag (even for years) until the need arises again.

TIP: For small articles like a helmet or glove, you will get better results if you enclose the article and SmellRid™ pouch in a plastic bag or container between uses.

How Does It Work?

The sustainable activated carbon in each SmellRid™ pouch is a highly effective odor and moisture remover. It attracts and traps contaminant molecules within its billions of odor and moisture absorbing pores that make up the huge interior surface area that’s bigger than a football field! This may sound unbelievable, but is true!

SmellRid™ Reusable Charcoal Smell Eliminator Pouches are created through our proprietary hi-heat, kiln-dry process in which the moso bamboo is reduced to a particularly porous type of activated carbon, capable of pulling out moisture and odor-molecules as well as off-gases from items and smaller spaces.

We are confident that SmellRid™ Pouches are a much better alternative than any scented air freshener that you ever used because these do not mask the smell, rather they seek out and absorb odor molecules from the source. This way you are totally sure that you not introducing any new chemical pollutants into the environment.

How to Rejuvenate & Reuse?

SmellRid™ Reusable Charcoal Smell Eliminator Pouches are meant to deliver long-lasting results with ultimate user convenience and money-saving. We suggest reactivating SmellRid™ Pouches monthly or sooner if you experience a noticeable increase in odor.

To reactivate, simply place the SmellRid™ Pouches on aluminium foil in direct sunlight for a day and it will be good as new again. For best results, flip occasionally to ensure that the moso bamboo charcoal is exposed to the sun from all directions to enhance reactivation.

If you need quicker results in a particularly stinky area, the SmellRid™ Pouches can be rejuvenated on a weekly basis or more often. During the winter months, the process of reactivation may take a bit longer, but don’t worry – your pouch will still deliver effective results!

How Long will it Last?

Depending on the frequency of use and environmental conditions, SmellRid™ deodorizer pouches can last for years. To extend the life of SmellRid, it is advisable to store the pouch in a zip lock bag when not in use and reactivate it in direct sunlight before reuse. When reactivation becomes ineffective, it’s time to replace it.

How Safe is It?

The SmellRid™ Reusable Carbon Smell Absorbent Pouch is made from a people, planet and pet-safe formulation that is free from any toxins and chemicals. Made from 100% natural moso bamboo, it does not contain any toxins. Even during the use, you can rest assured that it will not emit any harmful chemicals or pollutants into the atmosphere. It is non-corrosive, non-flammable and hypoallergenic, thus making it apt for individuals who suffer from allergies and chemical sensitivity.

Can it be Recycled?

Instead of disposing at its end of life, you can recycle SmellRid™ activated charcoal pouches by cutting open the bag and spreading out the charcoal in your garden or house plants. It helps the soil in retaining moisture and adds organic nutrients to it. This way you can return SmellRid back to nature when it reaches the end of its life as an odor eliminator.

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