Portable UV-C Germicidal Air Sanitizer

Portable UV-C Germicidal Air Sanitizer

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  • UV-C AIR SANITIZER That Works to Keep You Safer
  • KILLS Deadly Airborne Viruses & Bacteria With UV-C Light
  • DESTROYS Toxic Pollutants & VOCs With Photo Catalyst
  • ELIMINATES Tough Unpleasant Odors Without Scents
  • IMPROVES Indoor Air Quality In 100 Sq. Ft. Area
  • PLUGGABLE Design Works in Any Room to Save Space
  • COMPACT Sleek Design That’s Only 7.5 Inches Tall
  • NO FILTER Just Change UV-C Bulb Annually
  • PERFECT For Any Room, Kitchen, Bathroom & More
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Portable UV-C Germicidal Air Sanitizer

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