SmellRid® Reusable Carbon Vent Air Purifier & Deodorizer Filters - 3 (4" x 14")

SmellRid® Reusable Carbon Vent Air Purifier & Deodorizer Filters - 3 (4" x 14")

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  • Convert your HVAC into a powerful air purifier
  • Easily installs in air vents & registers in minutes
  • Fits most vents but can be trimmed-to-fit quickly
  • Activated charcoal filters out odors & pollutants
  • Effectively cleans the air in your entire house
  • Can be rejuvenated in sunlight & reused for years
  • Made from polyurethane impregnated with charcoal
  • Provides long lasting protection for sensitive people
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Convert your HVAC System into a Powerful Air Purifier with SmellRid® Vent Filters

Stinky rooms are no fun. They’re miserable for house inhabitants and off-putting for guests. Thankfully, there’s a way to rid your home of stinks and putrid odors. SmellRid® Reusable Carbon Vent Odor Filters are here to save the day – and your nose. These indoor odor eliminators effectively get rid of funky bad smells from pets, paint, chemicals, diapers, dirty clothes, trash, and other stink that infiltrate your abode.

Simply place a SmellRid® Reusable Carbon Vent Odor Filter in each of the return vents/registers throughout your home and wait a bit for the stench to go away. SmellRid® vent smell filters are made from sturdy, flexible polyurethane that’s been infused with high grade activated carbon. If required, they can be easily cut-to-fit your vents and registers in minutes. As your air recirculates through your home, the carbon in this non-toxic air purifier absorbs and eliminates airborne odors at a molecular level, taking them out of the air you smell and breathe.

When you install SmellRid® filters on your vents and registers, they effectively enable your HVAC system to function as a powerful air purifier which keeps your air free of unpleasant smells and hazardous contaminants. This produces a fresh, healthy, and pleasing indoor environment for you, your family members and your guests. SmellRid® Reusable Carbon Vent Odor Filters can be reactivated regularly to keep them filtering your indoor air perfectly for years. Just place the reusable air filters in direct sunlight for a day and they’ll be good for re-deodorizing.

Long-lasting SmellRid® Reusable Carbon Vent Odor Filters are a safe way to clean your indoor air of pollutants and keep it smelling fresh. These carbon odor eliminators are the eco-friendly and economical choice for filtering the air where you live. Get a SmellRid® filter for each of the rooms in your home today and Breathe Clean.

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