SmellRid® Reusable Activated Charcoal Odor Proof Bag: 24" x 28"

SmellRid® Reusable Activated Charcoal Odor Proof Bag: 24" x 28"

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  • Multi-functional bag stores and deodorizes items
  • Absorbs bad smells from items stored inside bag
  • Protects items inside bag from malodors outside
  • Bag is infused with deodorizing activated charcoal
  • Ample storage space for large odorous items
  • Sturdy polyester holds heavy gear, laundry & more!
  • Reusable and reactivates in direct sunlight
  • Effective 24/7 odor-proofing bag for larger items
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Lock-in or Lock-out Odors!

What do trips to the beach, upset stomachs and sports activities have in common? They all have the potential to leave you with stinky items that need to be stashed away in order to protect your nose. Wet towels and swimsuits, clothes that have been thrown up on and well-worn gym shoes and uniforms aren’t something you want ride in the car with, or have just lying in your laundry basket until they can be cleaned. The SmellRid® Reusable Activated Charcoal Odor Proof Bag in a large 24" x 28" size is here to save the day and keep you from getting nauseous due to offending odors. It does double duty, too! Need to keep something fresh when you’re in a bad-smelling environment? Place it in the SmellRid® smell-proof bag and the stench stays outside and away.

With a SmellRid® Reusable Activated Charcoal Odor Proof Bag in an ample 24" x 28" size capacity, you can isolate your stinky belongings until you can wash or throw them away. The odor eliminating bag is infused with pure activated charcoal, a natural odor absorbing material which immediately eliminates smells that emanate from the contents inside and protects from stench outside of the bag. Get superior odor protection naturally with activated charcoal, which effectively bonds with and absorbs malodor molecules as they’re outgassed from offending items. As an added benefit, the charcoal also reduces moisture levels so it’s great for long term storage.

Simply place the items you want to separate or protect inside of the sturdy polyester bag. Each SmellRid® Reusable Activated Charcoal Odor Proof Bag features an odor-eliminating, activated charcoal lining that gets rid of smells on the spot. The odor-proof bag is big enough to store dirty laundry, blankets, sports gear, several sneakers or other strong-odored food you’re bringing to the park or a picnic. Use the SmellRid® bag again and again. To reactivate for prolonged odor elimination, simply place the bag in direct sunlight for a day and reuse.

Get instant odor protection for larger items with the SmellRid® Reusable Activated Charcoal Odor Proof Bag: 24" x 28", a long-lasting, durable, safe and non-toxic, affordable, economical and easy to use smell proofing solution.

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