SmellRid® Reusable Carbon Furnace Air Purifier & Deodorizer Filter - (16" x 16")

SmellRid® Reusable Carbon Furnace Air Purifier & Deodorizer Filter - (16" x 16")

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  • Convert your HVAC into an air cleaner in minutes
  • Just attach the furnace filter to your HVAC filter
  • Can be easily cut-to-fit if necessary
  • Activated carbon absorbs odors & pollutants
  • Keeps HVAC systems running cleaner
  • Improves indoor air quality to protect family members
  • Reactivates in direct sunlight for repeated use
  • Constructed from polyurethane infused with charcoal
  • Long-lasting, effective & affordable air purification
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Boost your HVAC System’s Ability to Purify & Freshen your Indoor Air

The air inside your home can be way more polluted than outdoor air – and smell way worse. This lopsided environment is due to the fact that we take care of so many of life’s dirty details inside. Bathrooms and toilets, litter boxes, dirty clothes hampers, cleaning chemicals, nursery pails, and even burnt and moldy food can contaminate indoor air. Mold from water leaks are a leading culprit in indoor air contamination. With limited fresh air coming in, your indoor home environment may be filled with noxious odors and hazardous particles which may actually increase over time if they are not removed.

The SmellRid® Reusable Carbon Furnace Air Purifier & Deodorizer Filter is your safe and effective solution to stinky and contaminated air inside your home. Our activated charcoal indoor air purifier supplements your existing HVAC system’s air filter to clean and deodorize the air in your house and block airborne chemicals. It effectively extends the life of expensive HEPA filters, and boosts your existing HVAC system’s ability to purify and freshen your indoor air.

The SmellRid® furnace filter is easy to install in your current HVAC system. Simply attach it over your existing HEPA air filter to purify and deodorize your air through the action of charcoal. SmellRid® is constructed from a sturdy flexible polyurethane material impregnated with high grade activated charcoal. As air is pulled into your furnace’s intake vent, the activated carbon in SmellRid® filters out toxic chemical contaminants and airborne odors, producing cleaner and fresher air.

As an added benefit, the SmellRid® filter can be periodically reactivated by placing it in direct sunlight and reused for years, which makes it long-lasting and economical. For your convenience, it can also be easily cut-to-fit your furnace filter in minutes if required.

Get cleaner, fresher and odor-free air for you, your family members and your guests. Keep indoor air clean for those with asthma, breathing difficulties or just a sensitive nose. Purchase the SmellRid® Reusable Carbon Furnace Air Purifier & Deodorizer Filter today and say so long to stink.

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