SmellRid® Charcoal Air Purifier & Smell Eliminator Pads

SmellRid® Charcoal Air Purifier & Smell Eliminator Pads

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Product Code: 62005
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  • Odor & chemical capturing activated charcoal pads
  • Lightweight, thin, sturdy, flexible, and versatile
  • For home, car, and personal deodorizing use
  • Absorbs offending odors and traps them in the pad
  • Reusable by re-activating in direct sunlight
  • Available in 3 sizes - may be cut to size to customize
  • Place pads in bags, drawers, cabinets, closets, vents, ect
  • Attach to clothing to control incontinence, feminine, medical, body, and flatulence odors
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Bye-Bye Stinks Surrounding Us Everywhere

Odors seem to be everywhere at the times when we want them most to be gone. Smell from dirty laundry in your suitcase that you have to open at customs or in public. Diaper bag stench from soiled baby pants creeps in and around snacks. Yuck! Your kid’s duffle bags with sweaty sports gear. Also, how about when we have an unfortunate bout of gas, an incontinence problem or feminine issue. The list of smells we’d like to wish away could go on and on. Thankfully, they can all disappear when you use SmellRid® Charcoal Smell Eliminator Filters & Pads.

SmellRid® pads are odor-eliminating solutions that come in 3 sizes for a range of applications. They can be cut down too so you can fit them exactly where you need them. These deodorizer sheets are convenient, cost-effective and comfortable if you do have to apply them to your clothing. The power of activated charcoal saves your nose and your ego from embarrassing situations. Natural carbon bonding action pulls odors out of the air and into the pad, to refresh a generous area around it.

To eliminate odors with SmellRid® Charcoal Smell Eliminator Filters & Pads, simply ensure you purchase the right size (or cut one of our pads to size) and place in at the site of the offending odor. Slip them into HVAC filters, air vents, under litter boxes, in gym bags, in drawers and anywhere you need to get rid of smells. They’re thin and lightweight with super-absorption powers.

Keep your environment smelling fresh and feel confident when you have problems with bodily odors. Get our wallet-friendly SmellRid® Charcoal Smell Eliminator Filters & Pads today!

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