SteriBrush™ Cup Style Toothbrush Sanitizer

SteriBrush™ Cup Style Toothbrush Sanitizer

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  • To use, easily insert toothbrush in cup style design
  • Automatically kills germs, viruses & bacteria
  • Sanitizes toothbrushes after each use in minutes
  • Stores and cleans up to 2 toothbrushes at a time
  • Uses the same UV germ-fighting technology as dentists
  • Zaps microorganisms that could cause gingivitis
  • Attractive but practical countertop design
  • Portable & convenient- powered by 2 AA batteries
  • Cost-effective oral hygiene for your whole family
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Rinsing is Not Enough to Clean Your Toothbrush!

Don’t eat your old germs! The mouth houses millions of germs that get transferred to your toothbrush each time you brush. They sit on there and cultivate and breed, crawling in and out of the bristles on the brush. No matter how much you rinse your toothbrush, it’s not going to get pristine enough to give you a really clean brush next time. Imagine if you had a cut on your gums or a cavity. You absolutely won’t want to transfer the germs to your toothbrush and risk getting re-infected.

Sanitize your toothbrush completely after each brush with the SteriBrush™ Cup Style UV Toothbrush Sanitizer. It conveniently stores up to 2 toothbrushes while keeping them completely free of harmful microorganisms. So say goodbye to cross contamination of your mouth from your dirty toothbrush. SteriBrush™ effectively sanitizes your toothbrush to keep you free of germs that lead to diseases and a weakened immune system.

To use the SteriBrush™ Cup Style UV Toothbrush Sanitizer, simply store your toothbrush in it after each use. The UV light in SteriBrush™ will automatically turn on after you insert your toothbrush and will kill germs using the same germicidal UV technology that dental and hospital sterilizing equipment use, which results in better oral hygiene for you and reduced potential health problems.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says that even after toothbrushes are rinsed visibly clean, they still contain contaminants, some of which are potentially pathogenic. Scientific studies show that the mouth is a breeding ground for bacteria. Don’t let these bugs crawl around on your toothbrush. Zap them away, all of them, including cold and flu virus and other bacteria that cause gingivitis and more. Get the SteriBrush™ Cup Style UV Toothbrush Sanitizer today and stay healthier.

How the Steribrush™ UV Germicidal Toothbrush Sanitizer Works

This compact unit uses state of the art safe UV germicidal technology to kill harmful germs that grow on your toothbrush. After you place your toothbrushes in the Steribrush™ UV Cup Toothbrush Sanitizer, the special 253.7 nm cold cathode UV light will automatically turn on for 3-4 minutes and vent the moisture to the outside. The photons from the UV light have just the right wavelength to effectively kill the bacteria, viruses and mold on your toothbrush by destroying their DNA structure. UV germicidal irradiation is a proven and effective Sanitation technique that is long established in dentist's offices, hospitals, clinics and commercial settings. Microorganisms cannot develop immunity to UV light.

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